Tableau and Alteryx - Crafting challenging data to answer those pressing questions


The world of big data is an ever-changing landscape, which I know I personally have struggled to stay fully in-tune and up-to-date with. Despite having a working familiarity with Hadoop and a few of the more mainstream applications such as Hive and Sqoop, I decided I could definitely stand to know more about the range of technologies under the Apache Foundation open source project. I'm sure I'm not the only person who struggles to navigate the 200+ projects tracked since the foundation's inception in 1999, but on reviewing the Apache Foundation website there is great project metadata but with some limited visualizations. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to leverage the power of Alteryx and Tableau to present this data to quickly see the range of projects and help readily identify just what a specific Project is and does.

In the video I demonstrate:

  • Download Tool
  • Dynamic Input Tool
  • Use of a batch macro
  • Tableau Data Extract output
  • A simple Tableau dashboard bringing the data transformed by Alteryx to life

The Alteryx workflow and Tableau Viz links are within the video notes.

I hope this is as helpful to you as it was to me!

Andrew Paterson, Senior Manager at Eccella Corporation