Data, Information, Insight, Action

What starts as data, becomes information, is turned into insight and then you can make use of it.

Regardless of your industry, function, or role in an organization this should always be a well-known process, and one that is at the heart of Eccella. Since Eccella is dedicated to helping others capture, manage, analyze and use data, we also incorporate this thinking into our own business model from strategy, investments, process and execution.

It’s now 26 days to Tableau Conference 2016 in Austin, and as our conference team is pulling together the final stages of conference plans, managing our expo stand and ordering some nifty swag, we realized that with the thousands of attendees coming this year, we only know a small percentage of them directly. This always worries me, since as a data driven company we can't just assume anything about the people we meet; it’s our culture to make decisions based on data, always. It won’t always be perfect since data often has gaps, users don’t follow process or apply bias (both consciously or unconsciously), but as experts on data lifecycle, it’s our duty to make the effort wherever possible.

So the plan is to let data drive our understanding of Tableau users in advance of #Data16, and to help find some interesting correlations, insights and maybe even advice. We have our team of experts in data quality, governance, analytics and visualization ready and waiting but we must first collect the data, in order to draw the insight.  

We had a few ideas on data capture (and a lot of emails from companies offering to sell us lists of Tableau Users in different industry verticals) but nothing beats getting data directly when you want to have both accuracy and speed. 

So today we are kicking of our first Tableau User Survey, to help us and others prepare for the Tableau Conference.

Taking the time to capture data and then doing nothing with it, is worse than not collected data at all, so as we start to gather data we hope to be able to give you regular updates from useful correlations, to insightful visualizations and maybe even restaurant recommendations. 

This survey is anonymous but if you are comfortable in sharing your email or Twitter handle we'll share more detailed results of the survey in advance of the conference. Otherwise, drop by our booth during the conference to get some insight into Tableau users and conference attendees. We may even have a little swag to help you enjoy your evenings in Austin.

We’d love to have you contribute to our survey, it won’t take long, and it may help us share where #Data16 conference attendees should be eating BBQ while in Austin this November.

Please head here  to take part!