Becoming a Generation-D Organization

We are living in the Age of the Customer. Consumers are more empowered now than in any other time in history. This is the result of the unprecedented availability of information accessible to them with the click of a mouse, or a swipe on a smartphone. Organizations across all industries have responded to this deluge of data by building data-driven platforms that not only better reach their customers, but also optimize decision making and increase operational efficiency. These truly data-forward companies have become known as Generation D organizations. And in today’s increasingly-competitive market, becoming Generation D is a matter of survival.

So how exactly does an organization become data-driven enough to be considered Generation D? For a start, data strategy needs to be long-term: a journey, not a destination.

A Generation D organization utilizes the continuous flow of data entering through IoT devices, social media information, and accurate customer profiles for precise pictures into the inner workings of the company. Once an organization has established comprehensive data collection, a powerful and functional analytics platform is necessary to process that data to achieve true insight. There are, of course, innumerable obstacles companies face on the road to becoming data driven.

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