Alliant Credit Union – Digital Transformation

WEBINAR: Find out what it takes to maintain a competitive advantage in the age of omni-channeled, personalized, secured data-driven financial services.

In recent years credit unions face formidable competition from FinTech startups that are being very creative in the way they engage with customers and the digital experiences they offer. To stay competitive they must adapt new approaches, change their mode of operation and enhance customer acquisition techniques.


Every transformation will look somewhat different for a given organization, but they will all follow the same steps: build a strategy, modernize systems, connect the organization together to better understand the customer, and gain insights into customers and the best ways to engage with them.


Find out more information on how Credit Unions transform a traditional business into an advanced data-driven organization here.


At Eccella, we’ve been working with Alliant, one of the largest credit unions in the United States, to help them address key challenges with loan servicing and move beyond slow manual processing.  


In this upcoming webinar with Alliant and Informatica you will learn about common industry challenges, how Alliant worked with Eccella to use Informatica B2B to onboard and process mortgage loan applications more effectively, and how choosing the right software platforms can help your current and future challenges.


Alliant is preparing for the future with enterprise grade software and dedicated expertise. Are you? Join the upcoming webinar - to learn more, visit us at or email to explore solutions and talk about your specific challenges.